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New Map, Healing Rework, New Battle Pass, and the new Hope Reborn T5 event!

The new season of SMITE, the Season of Hope, is here! This season introduces a new Conquest map updated with Maya influences, a new Battle Pass: Duality, a Healing update, a new HUD, and a new event: Hope Reborn. Plus, the goddess Ix Chel is on her way in a future update! Download SMITE today and discover:

Will Hope be enough to stop Ragnarok?

The Season of Hope Conquest Map Update

With the Season of Hope comes a new map inspired by Maya themes and Ix Chel’s coming arrival. As the Season begins, Hope begins to manifest in the form of magical plants and vines, which have grown across the entire map! In addition, the new map has entirely changed map geography and pathing to improve the overall Conquest experience!

New Event: Hope Reborn

This exciting event will center around the all-new Aphrodite Tier 5 Skin: Leading Lady! The event will also feature a massive amount of new skins and cosmetics that will be released over the season, including legendary new skins like Elven Enchanter Morgan Le Fay and Voidsworn Surtr.

New Hud

SMITE’s in-game HUD has undergone a major overhaul, with a focus on providing a sleek and modern design while minimizing disruption to player experience and muscle memory. In a long-awaited change: the HUD has been significantly changed for console platforms, with improvements to the item shop, scoreboard, death recap, ability summary, and more!


Get ready for a massive update to the core healing system in SMITE! We’re removing Brawling and capping Healing Reduction, while also making a big change to how Healing scales by removing the physical/magical power factor. There are also significant balance changes for gods with healing abilities, as nearly all ability heals have been reduced but compensated with non-healing buffs. Get ready to adapt your strategies and experience a whole new level of combat with these exciting changes to the healing system in SMITE!

New Battle Pass: Duality

The new Duality battle pass features exciting new Duality-inspired skins for Nox, Ah Muzen Cab, King Arthur, and Zeus. In this new Battle Pass, we’re increasing the number of levels from 60 to 90, with seven skins total to unlock!