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Season 5 Updates

Completely Redesigned Conquest

With the start of Season 5, we’re excited to announce a full overhaul of Conquest. From the environment art to the Jungle Monsters, Conquest has a completely redesigned look and feel. Along with an updated aesthetic, players will experience gameplay improvements that provide more meaningful decisions. Whether you’re new to the Battleground of the Gods or a seasoned veteran, experience Conquest like never before.

Gameplay Improvements

Layout Changes

The Conquest Map is now 20% wider and both the Order and Chaos sides are symmetrical. This creates higher risk and rewards for ganking, allows for epic comebacks, and provides a level playing field.

Pacing Changes

Season 5 Conquest features a more rewarding late game with adjustments to the Jungle Camp and Minion Gold and XP rewards.

Redesigned Bosses

Both the Fire Giant and Portal Demon are getting complete redesigns. The Fire Giant has all new attacks and becomes harder to defeat over time, with more rewards. The Portal Demon is now the Pyromancer, who provides a powerful buff upon defeat.

More Details

Read the complete list of new content and updates coming out in the first Patch of Season 5 in the 5.1 Patch Notes!