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We've taken several key changes to gameplay, user interface, and overall progression and combined them into one massive overhaul that we are calling Project Olympus. Project Olympus is full of big changes that SMITE fans have wanted for a long time, and we are excited to deliver on these requests as we take SMITE to a whole new level.- Chris Larson, Executive Producer of SMITE


Darkness Falls Update

  • Console Players got a new Set of VGS inputs to bring up the console’s virtual keyboard.
  • Daily Rewards no longer reset when a day is missed and must be claimed in the Store under Featured Page.
  • Your Hi-Rez support ID is displayed in your profile now. This is a unique number to your Hi-Rez account that only you can see and should be used when filing support tickets or reporting bugs.
  • The Mixer Store has been added. Players can earn free skins by watching our Mixer.
  • Players can now see their Ranked MMR when viewing their Ranked Stat Page.
  • Duo Queue for Ranked Conquest Returns.
  • Lowered the amount of wins needed for the 50 Gems reward each split from 75 to 50.
  • Players now provide a Primary and Secondary Role choice.
  • New pause option has been added to custom games.

The World Serpent Update

  • Deserter Penalty updates.
  • Updated the UI for console players to make it more clear when a player has navigated to that menu.
  • Indicators have been added to Conquest to show when a team kills an objective.

Season 6 Update

  • Cross-Play and Cross-Progression added.
  • Role Queue added.

Patch 5.17

Major Highlights:

  • On Consoles, B or Circle buttons will now exit menus, as long as those buttons have no other function on those menus
  • All platforms now have video links to preview any gods abilities
  • All chests will now list all of their contents
  • Added a controller sensitivity option for PC
  • The rules for how God stats are shown on Loading Frames have been updated
    • God Stats no longer require you to have purchased a Mastery Skin to display on your loading frame, they will show up based on your Hide God Stats option in your Profile loadout.
    • New players will have their Hide God Stats option defaulted to hidden.
    • Mastery Level (I,II,X,etc.) will always display on your loading frame

Patch 5.13

Major Highlights:

  • Player Behavior - Commendation System, Yearly Rewards, Report Prompting, Goodwill System Revamp
  • Console Features - Minimap HUD Editor

Patch 5.5

Major Highlights:

  • New Player Experience Adjustments
  • Matchmaking Adjustments
  • Console VGS Fixes

Patch 4.18

  • Spectator - Updated the Health and Mana Bar colors to provide more contrast when viewing.
  • Server Rollup is no longer active on any region.
  • Random Player Loadouts - Players can now select the “random” option per match on Loading Screens, Pedestals, Jump Stamps, Global Emotes, Recall Skins, Announcer Packs, Music Themes, HUD Themes, Fountain Skins, Level Up skins.

Patch 4.16

  • Integrated Voice Chat - Allows players to communicate in real time during their Custom and Ranked games.
  • Glossary - Players can search for any word listed, as well as see links to related words directly on the definition screen.

Patch 4.15 - BIG Console QOL Patch!

Console Improvements:

  • Quickview of stats on HUD
  • LB+RB controller mapping for your Ultimate ability
  • Individual God History
  • End of Match Lobby option to Invite to Party or Add Friend
  • Aim acceleration and dead zones configurable


  • Auto-popup of Daily Reward Dialog

Patch 4.14 - Ranked Refresh

  • Fantasy Points Gifting — Player can now gift a portion of their earned FP to another player that they think deserves recognition.
  • Pre-God Selection Ban Selection — Introducing a new match lobby state for both PC and console that allows players to “call out” the god they would like to play and a ban they would like the leader to make.
  • Console Ranked Leaderboard has improved presentation for better readability.
  • God Leaderboards will add a score to help players understand the sorting.
  • Ranked Placements will add a new "targeting" division that shows the player for matchmaking purposes where they are being rated.
  • Buff Timer Update — mini-map will now show time remaining on buffs.
  • Minion count will be added to to towers.

Patch 4.13 - Engine and System Upgrades

Engine and Systems:

  • Support for DirectX 11 video cards
  • 64-bit client support
  • High-definition texture DLC for PC — improves the performance and visual quality of gods and maps.
  • Screen Percentage Graphics Support — allows players a finer control over video performance.
  • Multi-Queuing for Casual Modes
  • Brand-new Wisdom Video area with 30+ tutorial videos for both new and experienced players.
  • Prestige Levels - Allowing players to go from level 30 all the way to level 160!
  • Triumphant Chests — This is a new system that allows players to collect chests in a systematic way for each win! Players will have the ability to speed up their acquisition of chests with favor or gems.
  • Siege Map optimizations and improvements! Game rules have been revisited and map environment optimized.
  • Console Notifications Log — This is a long-awaited feature that allows console players to see events that have occurred during their play session.
More Coming Soon!