New In SMITE: Dank Memes | 4.5.5 Patch Notes
March 31st, 2017

New Announcer Pack

Tina Announcer Pack

You can’t tell her what to do


  • The Conquest Queue now takes up 90% of the in-game screen. All other queues are hidden.

Item Changes



“We’re pretty sure they’re perfectly balanced now.”

We’re bringing Rituals back, yeah.

All Rituals cost 100 Gold and are available at 1.

Runeforged Hammer

Each time you start a match, this Item has a new randomly generated Passive effect.


Increased Physical Power from 25 → 26.

Increased Cooldown Reduction from 10% → 13.7%.

Chronos' Pendant

Chronos can now purchase this Item for free.

Book of Thoth

This Item costs more for Thoth. Balance.

God Changes



Amaterasu’s mirror is now oriented in front of her model, giving players better visibility of her face.


 Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands now has updated FX. The sand has been removed and replaced with kitty litter.

Hopefully Anhur will be less angry now.


“We strive to be lore accurate with our characters and Aphrodite was certainly missing her “key” assets.”


We have updated Aphrodite’s base model to be more lore accurate.

SMITE is now rated “M” for mature.


 Chug  Sip Responsibly

Chug has been renamed to “Sip Responsibly”.

Decreased Drunk-O-Meter percentage gained from 33/35/37/39/41 → 1/1/1/1/2.



Camazotz can no longer see. Anything

Hitting an Enemy with Screech and retrieving the echo will allow him to see for a brief period of time.



Cernunnos is temporarily disabled until his movie contract is complete.

He’ll be autographing DvD’s at your local Mall every Saturday in April.



We have made some adjustments to Chiron’s Giddyup! Ability.

This Ability now allows Allies to ride him by hitting the space bar.



Fafnir is now the new Hi-Rez Accountant. He’ll be managing all Chest sales.

All Skins are now in Chests and all Chests cost 1000 Gems.



With the recent success of the Fenrir Plushies, Fenrir will finally be unlocked this Patch!


 Through Space and Time

This Ability will occasionally warp Janus into a different match…or yesterday. Maybe even tomorrow!

This feature is to make Match Making more efficient!

Jing Wei


Jing Wei has hit her rebellious phase.

She has traded in her pigtails for a hipster undercut. Crazy teens!

kaldrdoge Kaldr


Kaldr now directs Skadi.

Neither of them can miss any Abilities or Basic Attacks.



Kuzenbo has kidnapped Chang’e.

Hou Yi


Hou Yi has embarked on a quest to rescue Chang’e from Kuzenbo’s castle.



Loki has been deleted from SMITE.


“We got sued.”


Nike’s win rate has been adjusted to 100%. To Victory!

We’ve renamed Nike to her Roman name “Victoria”.


 Evade and Punish  Stun and Stun

This Ability has now been renamed to “Stun and Stun”.

This Ability now stuns both teammates and enemies, regardless of location.

Range has been increased from 55 → 500.

The Morrigan

“We view these bugs as “features”.”


2 critical The Morrigan bugs have been fixed.

7 new bugs have been created.