Jungle Monster Health Changes


During the 4.1 PTS, we made adjustments to Jungle Monster and Objective scaling to fix a long standing issue.

Jungle Monsters and Objectives scale in Health over the course of the game. Every minute, they gain X amount of Health and this differs for every Camp. Before Season 4, this scaling would double when the Jungle Camp was dead, effectively making Monsters who were repeatedly killed more difficult, while Monsters who didn’t die easier to kill.

This led to an inconsistent experience when dealing with some of the tougher enemies, so we removed this double scaling and made adjustments during the PTS to even out these Monsters. Our scaling adjustments were too aggressive however, and led to the Gold Fury, Fire Giant, and Portal Demon being very tanky.

With the 4.1 release, we made further adjustments to the scaling and base Health of the Objectives so that they will now scale linearly, and will be tougher than Monsters who were never killed, but not as tough as Monsters who were always on their respawn timer. Additionally, we have tuned regular Jungle Monsters to be closer to the old “always dead” scaling since they are often killed, while major objectives are closer to the “never dead” scaling since they are taken less often on Cooldown.

Below are the old and new values, as well as graphs showing where the new scaling currently falls compared to the old one.


Elder Harpy

Old : 550 + 30 every minute

New : 470 + 55 every minute.


Small Harpy

Old : 425 + 25

New : 375 + 35


Big Cyclops

Old : 960 + 65

New : 790 + 120


Small Cyclops

Old : 180 + 40

New : 90 + 65


Fire Elementals

Old : 180 + 40

New : 100 + 65


Gold Fury

Old : 2700 + 216

New :  2250 + 280


Fire Giant

Old : 7000 + 130

New : 6650 + 160

As you can see, the Health of the Monsters should roughly equate to Season 3, assuming things are killed a reasonable amount of times for their location. This is something we will want to continue to watch though as people find more strategies, builds, and combinations that are now present in Season 4 and adjust if the need arises.