Introducing: SMITE Season 4


Season 4 is coming to SMITE! As with every season, we have a host of new features and content for all our players. Clash is receiving a new makeover in the style of the Egyptian Pantheon, the highly-anticipated Celtic Pantheon is making its debut, and Starter Builds and Items will never be the same. Let’s take a closer look at these updates.

Clash Revamp and Update

The battle raging on the Greek Isles has moved to the middle of Egypt! Clash has been updated with a whole new map themed around the Egyptian Pantheon, complete with new structures, statues, and a backdrop featuring the Pyramids of Egypt. Clash is also seeing significant gameplay changes. The Fire Giant and Gold Fury have been removed and the map has new walls, directing people towards the center of the map where they face a new threat: Apophis.

Apophis is a new boss battle, exclusive to the new Clash Map. As the battle rages on, Apophis spawns, ready to give his favor to those who best him in combat. Beware: he is no pushover.

Celtic Pantheon is here. THe Morrigan arrives.

The Morrigan will join the roster of SMITE gods and usher in the brand new Celtic Pantheon. This deceptive Mage can take the form of any God on the battleground, using their strengths against them and deceiving her opponents. We are excited to explore the gods available in the Celtic pantheon and bring them to you over the course of Season 4.

Players will be able to learn more about The Morrigan and the Celtic Pantheon with the Celtic Event happening early this year. Similar to the Rising Dawn, players will be able to unlock a myriad of content by playing an interactive board game during the Path of the Phantom Queen. Test your fate by rolling the dice and completing the challenges set in your path to unlock rewards.


New Items, Consumables, and Balance Changes

There is also no shortage of balance changes happening in Season 4. The biggest goal going into Season 4 has been to give players more choice in their Starter Builds. Traditionally players would pick up their favorite starter Item, Boots, and Potions before heading off to lane. In Season 4, all tier one items have been re-balanced and repriced to be paired with a starter item, giving players control of their builds in a way they haven’t had before.

Consumables are also receiving a large number of additions. Players will be able to experiment with new starting consumables as well as high-cost and powerful late-game consumables. These consumables will provide players with late-game power and utility at a high price.


League Splits and Updates

Ranked play is also seeing a few changes. Season 4 will begin fresh, with all player’s divisions and hidden MMR being reset. If you have ever wanted to show your stuff now is the time to hop in and make your mark! Season 4 Ranked will also be divided into Splits. Following the Pro Scene, Ranked will be divided similar segmented times of play. As each Split comes to an end, players will be rewarded for their achievements and the ladder will see a soft reset, giving players a new chance to climb the ladder.


These changes combined with other item, God, and Conquest Map adjustments will give players a chance to learn and explore a new meta with large amount of variety and show off their skills while doing it. While these are some of the biggest changes coming, we have many more surprises in store for Season 4.


Stay on the lookout for more details and we’ll see you on the Battleground of the Gods in Season 4!