UPDATE: As the weather has continued to worsen, we are

requiring that all attendees leave the venue by 6 p.m. The shuttles are running and we’re recommending that attendees start to leave immediately to avoid long lines and waits for the shuttles. Our stream will continue, so please be safe and enjoy the show from home.

Our current plan is to delay the start of Hi-Rez Expo tomorrow and to have the Paladins Semifinals running on the Expo Stage (and PaladinsGame on Twitch) while the SMITE Semi Finals run on the main stage, both at 1:30 p.m.
IMPORTANT: We will not open the doors to the venue before NOON tomorrow at the very earliest.

Please make sure you check the @smitegame twitter feed before you make any plans to attend to ensure the doors are open!

Meteorologists are currently forecasting a “significant winter weather event” Friday night into Saturday in the area of the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, home of the Hi-Rez Expo, the SMITE World Championship and the Paladins Invitational. In response to this, the governor has issued a state of emergency in our area beginning at 1:00 PM on Friday and continuing until at least 1:00 PM on Saturday.

Atlanta is not a city built to deal with snow; even a very small amount of snow (or especially ice) could shut down major roads and make transit impossible or dangerous.

Hi-Rez Studios advises all guests to attend at their own risk, and to err on the side of extreme caution when planning their travels, especially if traveling by car or bus. Latest weather forecasts can be found on www.wsbtv.com. We strongly recommend that any spectators that cannot walk to the venue in a worst-case scenario, plan to be out of the building by 1:00 PM on Friday.

Despite this weather event, Hi-Rez currently expects that we will be able to continue the broadcast on Twitch.TV and to play the scheduled matches for the Smite World Championship and the Paladins Invitational.  However, we may need to adjust the broadcast schedule, suspend bus shuttles, work with skeletal staff, and/or, in the most extreme situation, force spectators to leave.

Note that the cosplay competition may need to be suspended or canceled, depending on the emerging weather forecasts.

Please watch @smitegame and @paladinsgame on Twitter for updates.