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Talons of Tyranny
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Friend or Foe

The gates of the Underworld are reopened. The corrupted jade has been cleansed. And Cthulhu’s madness has faded from the mind of the other Gods. Tiamat, the savior of the world, banished Cthulhu with her arrival but is she a potential ally, or as dangerous as the Great Old One? If she is a friend, that is fortunate. If she is an enemy, that is dangerous.

Discover her true nature in the Talons of Tyranny.

Eclipse Summoner Hel
The Ultimate Reward

Forgotten Gods Chaac

“I will show you the great power of a forgotten god.”

The Chaac Tier 5 Skin is here! A priest of a forgotten mythology, the last human to know of these old gods, has been chosen as their vessel. Gifted a powerful artifact, the priest transforms into three Gods: Optimism, Passion, and Rage. Unlock all items from all 4 chapter chests to earn this incredible reward. Forgotten Gods Chaac will also be available for purchase on Day 1 of the Talons of Tyranny Event.

Section 3

Welcome to the Talons of Tyranny Event

The Talons of Tyranny Event spans over four SMITE updates, each with its own Chapter. Unlock every item in a Chapter to unlock an Unlimited Chapter Reward like Deathy Chibi Thanatos. Each Chapter will launch with a limited-time discount -- don’t miss out!

Complete Quests

Purchasing any item for a chapter will unlock quests which will reward Gems. Each chapter will offer new quests and Gems.

Talons of Tyranny Skins

Exclusive Talons of Tyranny Skins and cosmetic bundles will be purchasable through each chapter’s chest or directly through the store. Unlock amazing Skins like Bit Slayer Tsukuyomi, Unholy Doodle Ra, and more! Plus: if you buy all, you’ll instantly unlock Forgotten Gods Chaac and pre-order all future Skins in the Talons of Tyranny event.