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Into the Earth

Divine Uprising

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Unleash Bellona's Divine Dragon Power

Introducing the newest Tier 5 skin in SMITE: Divine Dragon Bellona. With a unique form for each of her weapon abilities, Bellona takes to the Battleground of the Gods powered by divine dragon fury. Players can receive Divine Dragon Bellona FREE for unlocking all items in each Pantheon Chest during the Divine Uprising event.

Divine Dragon Bellona
The world has changed.

Zeus, almighty father of the Pantheon of Olympus, is dead. No longer content with the devotion of her countless worshippers, Hel has set into motion a series of events that will either deliver her the world, or see it destroyed. In her lust for power, she has become the architect of a new war that will cause pantheon to battle pantheon, brother to turn against sister, and divine blood to spill as never before. Hel had balanced the mortal realm on a knife’s edge. In his own lust for power, Hades would push it over. For the sins of the gods, all would be cast into ruin.

Untold destruction wracks mankind, and calamity reigns over all. The very earth itself rebels, shattered in seismic upheaval and burnt to ash by firestorms that span entire continents. Oceans swallow the land, dragging countless souls to their blackest depths, or boil away until nothing remains but desiccated, lifeless deserts. The denizens of the Underworld rise, a vast incursion of the damned as the lands of the living and the dead blur together into a single unholy perdition. Mortals cry out to the heavens, begging for deliverance from the fate their patrons have wrought for them. Bellona, the goddess of war, will hear their call to test her might and drive back the darkness. And she will answer.

The old games between the pantheons are over. Bitter rivalries and lifelong feuds are forgotten as the wellspring of the gods’ power now faces extinction. New gods will rise, and empires will fall. Great armies will clash in wars beyond imagining. The gods will bleed, and the fate of all will be decided.

The age of Ragnarok has begun.

Slavic Pantheon
Voodoo Pantheon
Polynesian Pantheon

Slavic Pantheon


Lord of Darkness

Chernobog is the incarnation of the ever-present evils in the world. He is the embodiment of the bleak attributes of human life: cold, famine, poverty, and illness. To maintain balance, there must be evil. There must be Chernobog.

Chapter 1 of 3

Shadow and Flame

In the heart of Ragnarok’s storm, the goddess draws her blade against the Lord of Darkness. He stands opposite her in the chaos, cold and malicious. Bat-like wings stretch from his back, their leathery flesh bleeding black fire.

Bonus Chernobog Skin

Purchase all content in the Slavic Chest to receive a special bonus Skin: Galactic Void Chernobog!

Fat Loki Cabrakan
Northern Ranger Hachiman

Available in the Slavic Chest

Soothsayer The Morrigan
Dragon’s Light Sobek
Dragon Queen Scylla

Available in the Slavic Chest

Violet Lord Thor
Polar Vortex Kukulkan

Available in the Slavic Chest

Voodoo Pantheon

Baron Samedi

God of Life and Death

Baron Samedi is the Loa of the Dead. Loa are the Voodoo Spirits that govern the mysterious forces of our world. Baron Samedi rules over death, and in many ways, he also rules over life. All will eventually meet the wild and rambunctious master of dead as he shepherds them into the afterlife.

Chapter 2 of 3

Path of the Dead

Nightfall had descended when Bellona came across the first grave.

Voodoo Pantheon Chest Collection Bonus

Purchase all content from the Voodoo event to receive a special bonus Skin: Half-Life Baron Samedi!

Evil Spirits Bacchus
Plague Lord Hades

Available in the Voodoo Chest

Ah Puch Anime
Da Ji Cyberpunk
Izanami Baroness

Available in the Voodoo Chest

Cernnunos Hellscape
Jing Wei Nightbane
Baron Half Life

Available in the Voodoo Chest

Polynesian Pantheon


Goddess of Volcanoes

Pele is the goddess of Fire, of Dance and Wind, and most importantly, Volcanoes. She is highly regarded in Hawaiian culture, and often referred to as Madame Pele out of respect. She is a powerful creator, but can also bring destruction at any moment.

Chapter 3 of 3

Into the Earth

For so long, cataclysm had swallowed the sky over Bellona’s head, and shook the ground to splinters beneath her feet. The war goddess’ journey had taken her across darkness and light, life and death, from upheaval to upheaval as she rallied whoever she could to turn back what had been unleashed. Now she stood at the precipice, where the fate of all would be determined.


Polynesian Pantheon Chest Collection Bonus

Purchase all content from the Polynesian event to receive a special bonus Skin: Heatsink Pele!

Molten He Bo
Mystic Guardian Athena

Available in the Polynesian Chest

Coming Soon!

Added in 5.15

Coming Soon!

Added in 5.16

Stand With Bellona!

Enter the Battleground of the Gods and join Bellona’s quest to save our world.