Adventures FAQ


Adventures FAQ


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What are Adventures?

Adventures in SMITE is a new, exciting way to play SMITE – for free! Each new Adventure will bring a different game mode, rewards, and achievements.


How can I participate in Adventures?

Anyone can play an Adventure and earn Achievements tied to each specific game-mode. There is also a unique Bundle associated with each Adventure available for purchase at a discounted rate during the event and at full price throughout the 2017 Adventures. Each Bundle will unlock a Limited Skin, a Gold Key (to unlock another Limited Skin of your choice), and more!


How long will Adventures run?

There will be a new Adventure every 6 weeks with each Adventure lasting 4 weeks. The Bundles with each Adventure will be available for a discounted price during the 4 weeks that the game mode is live, then available at full price during all 2017 Adventures.


What is the Gold Vault?

The Gold Vault is an Adventures-only place where you can unlock Limited skins. The first two skins in the Gold Vault are the Guan Unicorn Guan Yu and Swashbuckler Susano.


How do I unlock Skins in the Gold Vault?

With each new Adventure, there’s a new Bundle to purchase that contains a Gold Key. This Gold Key unlocks 1 Limited Skin from the Gold Vault. You get to select which skins you want to unlock with your Gold Keys.


Will I ever be able to unlock the last skin in the Gold Vault?

Yes! If you purchase every Adventures Bundle, you will be able to unlock all of the Limited Skins in the Gold Vault.

Apollo’s Racer Rumble FAQ

What is Apollo’s Racer Rumble?

Apollo’s Racer Rumble is a racing mode in SMITE Adventures where you control a god as they drive a unique car around 2 brand new race track maps.


When does Apollo’s Racer Rumble run?

Apollo’s Racer Rumble starts with 4.6 and runs until 4.8 hits.


What’s in the Racer Bundle?

The Racer Bundle includes the Limited Winner’s Circle Apollo Skin, Limited “Progressive” Racer Pedestal, Limited Racer Ward, Limited Music Theme, and a Gold Key. New and unique to Adventures, the Racer Pedestal is a progressive reward and will “level up” with Lap Points.


What are Lap Points?

Lap Points are earning only after purchasing the Racer Bundle. You get 100 for placing first in a race and 60 for placing last in a race. By earning 300 Lap Points, you will complete 1 “Lap” and unlock rewards associated with that tier – Rewards include Chest rolls, progression for the Racer Pedestal, and more!


What are Victory Laps?

After you complete all 9 Laps with your Lap Points, you can complete an additional 10 Laps. Each additional Lap will reward 10 Gems. Completing all 10 additional Victory Laps will earn you 100 Gems!


How much is the Racer Bundle?

The Racer Bundle is 900 Gems while Apollo’s Racer Rumble Adventure is live, then it will go up in price to 1000 Gems (and you’ll no longer be able to earn Lap Points and rewards).


Can I still purchase the Racer Bundle once the Apollo’s Racer Rumble is over?

Yes! It will no longer be a discounted price, but you will be able to purchase the Racer Bundle during all 2017 Adventures.


Nike’s Valley of Victory FAQ

What is Nike’s Valley of Victory?

Play a divine version of Capture of Flag in Nike’s Valley of Victory. Grab the flag, bash an enemy in the face, throw the flag to your ally, and return it to your base to score points.


When does Nike’s Valley of Victory run?

Nike’s Valley of Victory starts with 4.3 and runs until 4.5 hits. We will announce the exact date 1 week out.


What’s in the Victory Bundle?

The Victory Bundle includes the Limited Conqueror Nike Skin, Limited Banner Global Emote, Limited Adventure Music Theme, and a Gold Key. New and unique to Adventures, the Banner Global Emote is a progressive reward and will “level up” upon completing specific Nike’s Valley of Victory Achievements while the game-mode is live.


How much is the Victory Bundle?

While Nike’s Valley of Victory Adventure is live, the Victory Bundle is 700 Gems. Once the game-mode is over, the cost will be 1000 Gems.


Can I still purchase the Victory Bundle once the Valley of Victory is over?

Yes! It will no longer be a discounted price, but you will be able to purchase the Victory Bundle during all 2017 Adventures.