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Celebrating Smite's 2nd Birthday!

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Select a God

Vote for the God that you think would make the best community skin! The winning God, along with the winning theme (which voting will start for in a few days), will be the inspiration for YOU to create a new skin for SMITE!

  • [poll_item god_id="1737"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1956"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2056"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2110"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1773"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1668"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2034"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1898"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1899"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1699"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1782"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1748"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1919"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2037"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1809"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1755"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1678"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2047"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2008"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1966"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1921"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2075"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1920"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1778"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1843"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1784"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1978"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1763"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1676"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1674"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1718"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1848"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2040"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1673"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1918"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1999"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1649"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2066"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1677"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1993"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1797"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2051"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1941"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1915"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1872"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1980"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2036"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1958"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1669"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2000"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1881"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1698"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2113"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2002"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2063"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2065"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1988"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2005"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1747"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2074"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1944"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2030"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1943"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1779"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1924"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1991"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1723"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1869"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1864"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2072"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1670"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1672"]
  • [poll_item god_id="1926"]
  • [poll_item god_id="2107"]

Thank you for voting!

Total Voters: 2

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Select a Theme

With Chronos in mind, select a theme for the community skin. Chronos and the winning theme will be the inspiration for YOU to create a new skin for SMITE!

  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/TR7Fx7U.png" name="Angelic/Demonic"]
  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/lR8whIn.jpg" name="Formal"]
  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/rYNj1ev.png" name="Lore Related"]
  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/ZKzFWoA.png" name="Space"]
  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/TM2hB7B.jpg" name="Ninja"]
  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/pJhHVjJ.png" name="Cosplay"]
  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/851OnmY.png" name="Seasons"]
  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/6k5p7s6.png" name="Sports"]
  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/3bibRqE.jpg" name="Gender-Bent"]
  • [poll_item image_src="http://i.imgur.com/lpKwEQ8.jpg" name="Western"]

Thank you for voting!

Total Voters: 2

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Submit Your Ideas

Now’s the fun part! Submit your skin concept using Chronos. Make sure the skin is Angelic/Demonic themed!


Just a few points to keep in mind when creating your art:

  • The skin created could go up to a Tier 4 skin, which could include model changes, animation changes, custom FX, and custom voice pack. This skin will not be on the same level as a Tier 5 skin, like Archon Thanatos or Ragnarok Force X Thor, which utilize multiple models and animation sets throughout a match.
  • Be concise with your design and communicate any ability changes.
  • This isn’t an art competition, submissions won’t be judged on artistic quality, but on the overall concept of the skin.
  • Only concepts including Chronos and the Angelic/Demonic theme will be considered.
Terms & Conditions

Judging in Progress

We’re reviewing the submissions and will narrow it down to 10 finalists.

We’ve got our 10 finalists but had some technical issues with the voting. We’ll be resuming it on Monday and will keep any votes that have already gone through. To make up for the lost days, we’ll be adding 2 more days to the voting stage! Thanks for your patience!

Select a new skin:

Please vote for the skin that you want to see created in SMITE! Keep in mind, we may have to change and tweak a few things to fit SMITE’s style and technical capabilities.

Click on the images to see the full size!

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Thank you so much to all those who submitted art and voted for the top 10! We’ve rounded up all the votes and the results are in…

Fallen Lord

by Mirco Cabbia

Angel of Decay

by Blaž Klarić

Fallen Lord

by Mirco Cabbia

Chronos Concept

by lokkilokki

Top 7

Seraphim MK IV

by Mike Trocchia

Eye of Abyss

by Hyu

Savior of Time

by Meilyna

Half Breed

by Julia

Heavenly Lord of Time

by Xelgot

Torn Conscious

by Matthew Buttafuoco

Time Warper

by Lichnost

What's Next

We’re currently working on creating a timeline for when this skin will be created and released in game. Tune back here shortly!