Season Ticket 2016

Play. Watch. Earn.

Unlock the Season Ticket and receive the Bellona SPL Skin, the Season Ticket Overlay, and you gain access to the Fantasy Game where you can earn even more rewards.

How it Works

Improved Voting System

  • Access to the full Smite Pro League and Console Pro League Schedules.
  • Simply click on a match to vote.
  • Earn 40 Fantasy Points for every correct prediction.

Improved Reward Center

  • Preview current rewards.
  • Keep track of Season Ticket milestones.
  • Fantasy Points are displayed over your God Card when loading into a game.
  • No need to equip a Loading Frame to earn Fantasy Points!

Exclusive Undying Chest

Earn an Undying Chest Roll at 3500 and 7000 Fantasy Points


  • Last Commando Rama
  • Adjudicator Anubis
  • Silent Blade Nemesis
  • Crimson Ops Bastet
  • White Death Loki

Exclusive Loading Frame

  • This Loading Frame can only be unlocked during the 2016 Season Ticket.
  • Show your support for Smite eSports by equipping this Frame.

Collect all the new skins!

Last Commando Rama

Available in the chest

Sunstar Ra

1000 FPS

SPL Bellona

Available now!

Available now in game!

For more information, check out the FAQ here