Season Tickets

The SMITE Season Ticket 2017 is your ticket to SMITE esports – and tons of Exclusive skins. Vote for your favorite teams and play SMITE to earn Fantasy Points, then just watch the skins, avatars, emotes, effects, announcer packs, and chests come rolling in!

How It Works

Full Metal Vulcan

Free To Play!

This year, you don’t have to buy the Season Ticket to unlock awesome loot with Fantasy Points. You’ll get the Season Ticket and collect Fantasy Points for every match you play – win or lose! You can get rewards like Full Metal Vulcan, found in the Undying Chest, absolutely FREE!

Introducing: Split Passes

If you’re a true SMITE fanatic, you’ll want to buy the the Spring, Summer, and Fall Split Passes. Each Split Pass will grant you one Limited skin, a split-long boost to your Fantasy Points, and a set of quests with even more Fantasy Points. Your purchase will support SMITE esports… and it’s the only way to vote for your favorite teams in SMITE esports every week!

Want bonus FP instantly? Purchase the Summer Split Pass + Bonus Fantasy Points bundle to unlock the 2017 Season Ticket Loading Frame, Celtic Recall, and two chest rolls on day one of Season 4.

Season Ticket
  • Earn 10 FP for every match you win
  • Earn 5 FP for every match you lose
  • Unlock rewards such as skins and rewards
Summer Split Pass
400 Gems
Nemesis Skin Preview
  • LIMITED SKIN - Scylla Vampire
  • Unlock SMITE esports voting, Earn 30 FP for correct votes!
  • 15 Team Worshiper Boosters (?)
  • Bonus Quests for additional FP
  • Earn 20 FP for every match you win
  • Earn 10 FP for every match you lose
  • Unlock rewards, such as Skins and Chests
Spring Icon
Summer Split Pass+ Bonus Points
1200 Gems
Fantasy Point Preview Includes everything in the Summer Split Season Ticket, plus...
  • Unlocks 2500 FP instantly!
    (A $24.99 value!)
2500 Fantasy Point Unlocks:
  • 2017 Season Ticket Loading Frame
  • Celtic Recall
  • Enigma Chest Roll
  • Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll
Spring Icon
Fall Icon
Fall Split
Coming Soon

Friend Leaderboards

Think you know more about SMITE esports than your friends? Now you can prove it with FP leaderboards.

Leaderboards Smite UI
Tournament Voting Smite UI

New Tournament Voting System

Pick your favorite teams heading into a tournament. If they do well, you get bonus Fantasy Points. It’s that easy.

Included With The 2017 Season Ticket

Level 1: Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll


Level 2: Enigma Chest Roll


Level 3: Celtic Recall


Level 4: 2017 Season Ticket Loading Frame


Level 5: Enigma Chest Roll


Level 6: Undying Chest Roll


Level 7: Season Ticket Spring Global Emote


Level 8: Nevercake Announcer Pack


Level 9: Enigma Chest Roll


Level 10: Coming Soon: God Skin


Level 11: Jump Stamp


Level 12: Sol Announcer Pack


Level 13: Enigma Chest Roll 4


Level 14: Undying Chest Roll 2


Level 15: Music Theme - House Dubstep


Level 16: Pantheon Recall FX - Roman


Level 17: T3 Skin - Mercury Modern


Level 18: Undying Chest Roll 3


Level 19: Enigma Chest Roll 5


Level 20: God Skin Coming Soon