2017 Season Ticket FAQ


What is the Season Ticket?
The Season Ticket is a special in-game system that celebrates SMITE esports and SMITE Pro League (SPL). The Season Ticket allows users to unlock special rewards by collecting Fantasy Points, which can be earned by playing the game as well as through a variety of other means. The Season Ticket is broken into 3 Splits (or sections), following the SMITE competitive scene. Players can purchase a Season Ticket Split Pass (Spring, Summer, or Fall), to immediately unlock rewards, as well as to participate in additional ways to earn Fantasy Points faster (such as picking SMITE Pro League match winners).

What are Fantasy Points?
Fantasy Points are earned through a variety of methods and can be redeemed to unlock in-game rewards. All Players earn Fantasy Points just by playing SMITE – no Season Ticket purchase necessary. Players will earn Fantasy Points for wins and losses and can unlock rewards tied to how many Fantasy Points (FP) they have. Players can earn more Fantasy Points by purchasing one of the Season Split Passes (more information below!).

What do I get for unlocking the Spring Split Pass?
You’ll immediately unlock the Limited Modern Mercenary Nemesis skin, voting rights for SMITE competitive games (both SMITE Pro League and SMITE Console League, as well as other select competitive matches), a Fantasy Point booster that lasts the duration of the split, 15 Team Worshiper Boosters (gives 2x Worshipers to entire Team when used), and new Quests that reward more Fantasy Points.

How do I unlock the different Season Split Passes?
Once a Split is available, players can unlock the Season Pass for that Split by launching SMITE and clicking on the Season Ticket button, located at either the top right of the screen for PC, or on the main menu for Consoles. The cost for each Season Ticket Split Pass is 400 Gems, or you can purchase an upgraded Pass for 1200 gems.

Do I have to purchase a new Season Ticket Pass each split?
Yes, each split will have it’s own Season Ticket Split Pass, each with its own Limited skin! If you own the current split’s Season Ticket Split Pass, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits for the duration of the split. These benefits will only persist during the split they are active in, meaning you will need to purchase the Summer Split to participate in bonuses during the Summer, and so on.

Why is one Season Ticket Split Pass more expensive?
The 400 Gem Split Ticket is just the base ticket. The 1200 Gem Bundle comes with the base Split Ticket (and all that comes with that), plus 2500 Fantasy Points to jumpstart you towards rewards!

How do I gain Fantasy Points?
There are multiple ways to earn Fantasy Points. The first way is to simply win any mode that rewards you with Experience – You DO NOT need to have a Season Ticket purchased to earn these Fantasy Points. You will gain 10 FP for each match you win, and you will gain 5 FP for each match you lose. If you do own the Split Season Ticket, you earn 2x Fantasy Points on wins and losses for the duration of the Split. The second way is to vote on esports matches. You will need to have the current Split Season Ticket purchased in order to vote on matches, but upon correctly voting, you will earn 40 FP. Split Season Ticket holders will also gain extra quests that award Fantasy Points upon completion. Finally, Fantasy Points are available for purchase as a stand alone item or in a bundle with the Split Season Tickets.

Will I need to equip a frame like 2015 to earn Fantasy Points?
Nope. Instead of a frame, a small overlay will let you and other players know your Fantasy Point Level, as well as enable you to earn Fantasy Points from games. This is automatically enabled and works with all of our Loading Frames.

What rewards can I earn?
There are many rewards to earn, each with their own Fantasy Point requirement. To obtain these rewards you simply need to reach the Fantasy Point Level.
Level 1: Cutesy Chest
Level 2: Enigma Chest Roll
Level 3: Recall FX
Level 4: 2017 Season Ticket Loading Frame
Level 5: Enigma Chest Roll
Level 6: Undying Chest Roll
Level 7: Global Emote
Level 8: Nevercake Announcer Pack
Level 9: Enigma Chest Roll
Level 10: New Skin Reward
And more! Throughout the year we will be adding additional content, Chest rolls, and Skins!

Will there be more rewards?
With each Split, we will continue to add rewards available to all players.

What are the Enigma and Undying Chests?
The Enigma chest is a random roll at any non-exclusive item in the game.
The Undying Chest is a random roll at one of 6 skins: Full Metal Vulcan, Encore Agni, Dragonsbane Ullr, Agony Bellona, Terror-Dactyl Camazotz, and iDusa Elite Medusa.

Can I still earn rewards without purchasing a Season Ticket Split?
Yes! Anyone can earn rewards, you just have to earn the correct amount of Fantasy Points.

How is the 2017 Season Ticket different than the 2016 Season Ticket?
The biggest difference this year is that the Season Ticket is available to everyone for FREE. Players will be able to earn points just by playing the entire year and will be able to earn exclusive rewards. Players can still purchase each individual split and earn Limited Skins, Bonus items, gain Fantasy Points at a faster rate, and will be able to vote on game matches for even more points.